Curse Of Vanishing Minecraft 2023

In Minecraft game, 2 different types of curses are present like the curse of vanishing Minecraft and the other one.

The curse of vanishing in Minecraft is denoted as the worst enchantment in the game. It offers no benefit and ensures that players will get the enchanted items available in the world worse. The curse of vanishing shows that the users are binding.

It is highly annoying because it can remove the progress you’ve made so far. However, it is well-known enchantment in the game that is allowing players to curse any item via enchantment.

If you want to get adequate information regarding it then take a closer look at the points elaborate below.

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What is the curse of vanishing Minecraft?

The curse of vanishing Minecraft is also known as the rare enchantment. Players can get it from the treasure and to get it you need to sacrifice an item.

Therefore, you can easily use it by arranging an attractive iron block with numerous weapons and placing it on the table.

Gamers can arrange it by considering bows, pickaxes, shovels, swords, spades, and more. However, you are free to prefer compatible items that can be added to the curse.

Moreover, you are allowed to apply the curse to the player’s tool by considering the curse of vanishing Minecraft.

When the tool is cursed with this enchantment then it will disappear. On top of that, once you are done applying it you must know it can be removed when the player dies in the game.

How get the “curse of vanishing Minecraft”?

Before anything else, players must know that the curse of vanishing Minecraft isn’t going to appear on the enchanting table. It is a treasure enchantment that is going to appear in the chest loot or the fishing drops.

If you are a Java Edition Minecraft player then you can find this curse on the villager-traded items.

The loot found throughout the world isn’t trustworthy but the curse can be applied to death. Locating the cursed items can be a difficult task as it needs a special enchantment and find it via chest loot or fishing.

Can you remove the curse of vanishing in Minecraft? 

In the survival mode of Minecraft, there are no specific ways to remove the curse of vanishing from the selected items.

Even the grindstone isn’t able to remove it from an item and it will remain enchanted. If you have set the world rules to keep the inventory true then there’s no possibility of curse effects.

The background: the curse of vanishing Minecraft

The curse of vanishing Minecraft allows players to curse any item they want. When the selected item is cursed then it will disappear when the player dies in the game.

The players can add such a curse to any weapon, armor, or tool that they want.

To use it they can prefer considering the game common, enchanting table, and anvil. However, players are going to get supreme results at level one.

It shows that you can get it done within a single time which eliminates the chaos. There are no higher levels of a curse that shows easier access and beginners can also consider it.

(Pro tip): – when you are about to curse or already curse an item then it shouldn’t be held or worn. The cursed item in the player’s inventory will vanish then he dies.

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Ways to remove the curse of vanishing Minecraft:

Even though there are no specific ways to remove the curse of vanishing in Minecraft but you can try the following methods.

Use grindstone: –There are least possibilities of removing such a curse but using grindstone has helped people to repair their netherite sword.

The craft table: – 

The game pros have stated that players can use the crafting table to remove the curse of vanishing. It can be used for an enchanted and non-enchanted diamond sword.

If such a method isn’t able to remove the “curse of vanishing” still it will enhance the durability and repair it.

A list of items that are used for the curse of vanishing:

According to professional gamers, players can try the “curse of vanishing Minecraft” whenever they want.

They need to sacrifice an item but you might be wondering what those items are. Is there any specific item you can consider for cursing?

Let’s find out the items that can be preferred for the curse of vanishing in Minecraft.

Miscellaneous items: – 

  • Jack O’ lanterns
  • Carved
  • Mob heads
  • Pumpkins

Tools: – 

  • Fishing rod
  • Shears
  • Carrot on a stick, steel, and flint  
  • Compass
  • Axe
  • Hoe
  • Pickaxe
  • Shovel


  • Elytra
  • Boots
  • Helmet
  • Leggings
  • Chestplate


  • Bow 
  • Crossbow 
  • Shield 
  • Trident 
  • Sword 

It can be tough to find out a nice enchanted item to curse. But you can prefer the listed ones that are easy to find and helps you enjoy cursing.

The best thing is that there is a possibility that you can get the pre-enchanted item.


What is the main use of the curse of vanishing?

Some players aren’t willing to let people use their inventory in a game when they die. So they prefer using a “curse of vanishing” in Minecraft. It is an enchantment that is fun to use and gamers need to sacrifice an item to use it.

How to remove the curse of vanishing and binding in Minecraft?

Usually, the players need to die so that they can break the curse and eliminate it. However, multiple methods offer durability but there are no alternative ways to remove the curse completely.

Is there any method to reverse the curse of vanishing? 

No! there are no specific ways to reverse the curse. However, cursed items like mob head or pumpkin can be considered removed without any hassle.

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