How To Breed Pandas In Minecraft In 2023?

In this article, we will discuss an interesting topic for Minecraft lovers, how to breed pandas in Minecraft.

Pandas are cute creatures. You too love pandas and own a soft toy of it, right? Then you will love pandas in games as well.

Just like any other mammals, pandas have also been added to the very popular game – Minecraft.

These mammals, also known as bamboo munchers, were selected by the fans for adding to the game during the Minecon Fair which was organized in 2018.

The pandas are rare neutral mobs that live in the jungle. These mammals, unlike other animals, have some breeding conditions that they need to meet. 

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Where to find these Pandas?

Pandas are very luxurious and exotic animals that are found only in forests and bamboo forests. These are very shy creatures and they will not harm you until and unless they are threatened first.

Bamboo is the first source of nutrition for the Pandas. It is very easy to grow a plant that can produce many items in a short period.

How to Breed the Pandas?

Before you breed pandas in Minecraft, there are a few conditions that you need to meet. At least there must be 8 bamboo blocks within a 5-block radius of both the pandas.

Only then, the pandas will enter breeding mode. If this condition is not fulfilled, then the pandas will end up sitting and feeding on the bamboo only. The breeding process required for the pandas are:

  • You need to give them a slice of bamboo for them to enter the breeding phase. This will only work if the bamboo is already grown in that particular area.
  • The bamboo can be planted in any place and then you need to leave it for growing. You can also stuff some more pieces of the plant into a seedling to make it stack on a long trunk dynamically.
  • Your pandas will reach the mating phase only if there are 8 chunks of bamboo in the 5 blocks range of both pandas. 
  • If there is not enough bamboo in their proximity, you can offer them bamboo from a different place. The panda will easily recognize the offer made by the player. But they will not be procreating once they finish eating.

What happens after Breeding? (Genetics) 

Every panda has two hidden values also known as “genes”. There are two types of genes – the Main Gene and the Hidden Gene. When both pandas breed, both of them pass one of the genes to the child.

This process is similar to what we have studied in biology. Both the genes which have passed to the child get mixed and then the main gene and hidden gene are formed respectively. 

There is also very less chance for each gene to mutate into some other gene. There are different probabilities of mutation to mutate into other genes. This probability of mutation also applies to the pandas which are spawned.

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Thus you can see, that it is very easy to breed pandas in Minecraft. They are such animals who do not cause you any harm until it is you who try to harm them first. Just follow the steps for breeding and keep enjoying the game.

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