How To Disenchant Minecraft In 2023?

Exploring enchantments in Minecraft is always enjoyable. Even so, not all of them are ideal. In this sandbox game, there are many enchanted objects that have bad enchantments.

Or, while learning how to use an enchanting table in Minecraft, you might accidentally apply the incorrect charm.

Regardless of how you finish up with a bad enchantment, getting rid of it is very simple.

We’ll need to make a grindstone in order to discover How to disenchant Minecraft. In both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft, it is the only instrument available for dispelling enchantments.

To discover different and simple mod-based solutions for the same, you can also install Forge in Minecraft. However, most participants don’t have to go down that convoluted path.

So without further ado, let me show you How to disenchant Minecraft and weaponry in Minecraft.

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How to disenchant Minecraft?

Simply putting your enchanted object in one of the two input slots on a Minecraft Grindstone when interacting with it will disenchant things like weapons, armor, or books.

It can also be used to forge a new item from two identical items with combined durability plus an extra 5%, up to the item’s maximum durability.

Both items are consumed during this procedure, and any enchantments on both are also removed.

You can roll for another enchantment at an Enchantment Table by removing enchantments with the Grindstone in Minecraft using either of the aforementioned ways.

You will get the experience points you spent on the enchantments back.

Specifically, the Blacksmith building in Minecraft villages contains grindstones.

How to disenchant Minecraft using a Grindstone?

Consider the possibility that you discovered a magical book with some spells inside that you never intend to use.

You could just put it in storage and ultimately forget about it, or you could use a grindstone to gain some experience in How to disenchant Minecraft.

  • Although protection and thorns are respectable enchantments, the evil of binding lessens the appeal of this book, which will probably never be published. Place this volume in a grindstone to disenchant it and learn from it.
  • Curses cannot be disenchanted, and the only way to actually get rid of a curse on an object is to lose it or die while wearing it.
  • The enchantments that can be removed will be displayed once you click on the final outcome on the right, and you will also gain a small quantity of experience. You can restore a book or object to its original form if you possess one that is free of curses.
  • To obtain a regular book, repeat the procedure above, put your enchanted object on the grindstone, and then click on the outcome.
  • Rerolling the available enchantments in an enchantment table can be helpful. You will be presented with new enchantments for that specific type of item if you expend a level at an enchanting table.
  • You can choose the level 1 enchantment and put another book to see what else you might get to get a new set of enchantments.
  • To make the grind to level 30 more manageable, use the books with enchantments you don’t want to receive in small quantities of experience back.

A curse can be lifted in what way?

In Minecraft, there is no legal method to end a curse. You could counter that dying with a curse of vanishing an enchanted object will erase the curse, but that would remove the entire item.

If the enchanted object is a mob or a pumpkin head, there is only one method to break the curse. The curse can be broken by placing it and then destroying it again.

Can we remove an item’s enchantment without ruining it?

An object is not destroyed during disenchanting. In reality, a grindstone can be used to repair it.

Any enchantments on either item will always be removed by doing this, but you can repair the object in the top slot by using the same kind of item in the bottom slot.

This technique consumes the bottom spot, so it’s uncommon to use it with repairs in mind. However, disenchanting an object does not necessitate its destruction.

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Minecraft Gameplay: Popular sandbox video game

The popular sandbox video game Minecraft lets players explore, construct, and create in a 3D world made of textured cubes.

The game’s two primary features are the survivor mode and the creative mode.

Players in the Survival mode must collect resources like wood, stone, and minerals to make tools and shelter as well as to fend off enemies like skeletons and zombies.

In order to help them survive, players can also make food, armor, and weaponry.

As they advance, players can experience various biomes, including deserts, forests, and oceans.

In creative mode, players are given unlimited materials and are free to build whatever they please.

Players can construct anything they can think of using a range of blocks, tools, and materials. Players frequently use this option to build impressive buildings, cities, and even entire worlds.

In the game’s online modes, players can team up to complete construction tasks or engage in a variety of mini-games.

Additionally, the game can be modified with new features, items, and gaming mechanics by downloading custom maps and mods.

Overall, the exploration, building, and adventure possibilities in Minecraft are virtually limitless. It is a very immersive and creative game.


Congratulations, you now understand how to use a grindstone in How to Disenchant Minecraft things.

If you’ve been playing survival for a while and have gathered loot from numerous locations, you probably have a variety of enchanted objects.

In Minecraft, enchantments are wonderful little features. There is an enchantment for everyone, whether they want to become invisible, stay underwater for longer, or simply give their strikes a little more power.

These can be attached to your weaponry and Armor. However, you might be pondering how to disenchant items in Minecraft if you decide you no longer want an enchantment on them.

Whatever the case, having a large collection of enchanted objects can accelerate your quest for the ideal collection of enchanted tools, armor, and weapons. A helpful tool for this is the grindstone.

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