How To Find Minecraft Bees And Breed Them In 2023?

The Minecraft bees are cute but there’s much more to know about them. The bees are considered neutral mobs that are commonly available in Minecraft.

Gamers can see them fly in the sky freely. Moreover, the appearance of Minecraft bees is quite similar to the ones in real life like Silverbees and Goldbees.  

These bees are small, stripy, and yellow in color. On top of that they are quite placid and fly around while doing their thing.

The experts suggest players not poke them otherwise the results of the game will turn in their favor.

Now you probably wonder What to do with bees in minecraft? Are they really important? Yes! These bees are important as they place a helpful role in the game.

Moreover, these creatures also help players in different aspects. Want to know what are those? Let’s take a closer look at the forthcoming points.

What are bees in Minecraft?

Minecraft bees

The Minecraft Bees are the small and neutral mob that you can watch roaming around in a game. The main reason why they roam is the search for honey in the game.

However, both beehive and nest can easily make space for 3 bees at a time. They don’t need to leave their home (hive) when it’s raining or dark outside.

But there are certain situations where the weather permits the bees to travel around 22 blocks away from their home. This is the time when they need to collect pollen.

In order to get it done they will form a circle around a flower. The circle will remain firm for 30 seconds during this time they can collect enough pollen to pollinate all the listed items.

  • Beetroots
  • Melon stems
  • Wheat
  • Pumpkin stems
  • Berry bushes
  • Cave vines
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots

However, the games can commonly find bees in the game. Now you must be wondering How to spawn bees in Minecraft? Well, they usually spawn in blooms i.e. meadows.

There’s a complete list of the blooms bees that gamers can locate in Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft.


  • Flower forest: 2%
  • Meadow: 100%
  • Forest: 0.2%
  • Birch forest hills: 0.2%
  • Sunflower plains: 5%
  • Wooded hills: 0.2%


  • Plains: 5%
  • Birch forest hills: 0.035%
  • Wooded hills: 0.035%
  • Flower forest: 3%
  • Meadow: 100%
  • Sunflower plains: 5%

Both of these versions provide a wide assortment of locations where you can find the bees. Moreover, players can easily get to see bees in a meadow in both of the listed versions.

How to find bees in Minecraft?

Minecraft bees

By far we know How to find bees in minecraft but before that, every gamer should be familiar with their behavior.

These bees are different from the real ones as they exhibit unique abilities and behaviors. The game developers have introduced a new suite of mechanics in the game.

In simple words, the Minecraft bees have an abundant ecosystem. It shows that there are multiple factors to be aware of whenever you are interacting with such creatures. The bees in Minecraft usually have “3-distinct” forms.

The neutral bee

The neutral bee usually migrates back and forth between the hive or nest while looking for flowers.

They reside in their hive for a specific duration and then cycle out into the world for a specific span. After that, they repeat the cycle and fly around without attacking the players. These are harmless creatures in the game (if not provoked).

The aggressive bee

The Minecraft bees are friendly and harmless until you provoke them. They will not hesitate to attack players if they bother them a lot.

On top of that, you should stay away from their residence (nest or hive) if you touch it you will pay for that.

Moreover, such bees become more aggressive or provoked when someone attacks their home or destroys it and harvests honey from their hive or nest.

Campfire smoke

The Minecraft players should avoid placing the campfire underneath the bee hive. It can cause discomfort amongst the bees they might attack.

Moreover, this is not a simple or easier way to harvest honey as it can lead you to different troubles. The main thing is you need to avoid killing bees as you will not get anything if you kill even a single one.

A single angry bee can cause 1-2 heart damage that varies from the game’s difficulty level and they have poison as well.

How to breed bees in Minecraft?

If you want to know How to breed bees in minecraft then we have good news for you. it is a simple and easier process as you just need a flower (any type).

Now while holding a flower you need to go near two bees and feed them.

Once you are done feeding then they will enter the lobe mode and start having babies that will spawn within a few seconds.

Breeding bees is an effortless process that beginners can also complete without hustling. But you need to be attentive and try not to provoke them or kill a bee as it can turn tables within the shortest span.

A comprehensive guide on how to capture bees in Minecraft?

Minecraft bees

Once you have enough information about How to get bees in minecraft now the next step is keeping them.

The bees in the game don’t stay in a small area for a longer duration even when they are residing in their hive or nest.

So you shouldn’t expect them to remain with you naturally or follow you like your pets.

But certain methods can help you to capture and keep them while getting convenient modes to transport them safely. Have a look:

The silk touch pickaxe

The convenient mode of transporting bees is to carry them to their home. But mining or attacking a bee’s nest can enable you to deal with their defensive attack that can easily kill you.

So, in this situation, you need to use the pickaxe with a silk touch. It is an enchantment that is applicable and offers additional benefits.

The silk touch allows players to block bees in their current position and easily carries them to your inventory.

The players are free to consider their Minecraft enchantment guides as well to understand more regarding favorable flexibilities.

The silk touch pickaxe allows you to keep bees in a specific position while mining their nest. This enchantment will protect the bees and their home.

They are going to remain inside the nest without dealing with any harm or injury. After that, you can easily place their hive on the oak or birch trees at the admired location.

There’s no need to keep it back in the same place. Once you are done with placing then they will start coming out once again.

But you need to ensure that the bees will get damaged by water which is present in the Java edition.

Lure bees with flowers

The most common and easier way to capture or teleport bees is by using flowers. It is a harmless way of getting things done as the player needs to hold a flower in their hands and move in front of bees.

Naturally, they will get attracted to it and follow your direction so that you can lead them to admired location.

The lead

You are familiar with the concept of a leash in the real world but have you ever thought you can use it in Minecraft?

Probably not but the Minecraft mobs can place the lead on bees. The gamers are required to right-click or select the secondary action to attach the lead on bees.

With this, they can put out a rope around their body that they can hold and drag bees wherever they want. It will make transportation easier and accessible without causing any damage to themselves or the bees.  

In order to craft the lead in Minecraft you need to use the slime ball and four strings. Once you’ve got your hands on these items than make a crafting table and use the specific method to get things done.

Simple Ways to tame bees in Minecraft

  • No matter if you are a professional player or a beginner at Minecraft you should know How to tame bees in Minecraft. Moreover, taming bees in a game can make little creatures that are incredibly cute and highly useful.
  • The Minecraft bees can serve all different types of useful crafting ingredients like honeycombs, honey bottles, and the list goes on. The bees in the game are cuter than the real ones and they can be ideal pets to keep around you. If you are quite curious to know about bee taming then there are certain aspects to know before.
  • In order to tame bees in Minecraft players should relocate them. Therefore, the hives spawn in multiple blooms but the accessible way to find them is to look in the meadow. This is the area where you can easily find them. Usually, they are present on side of mountains and added in the cliffs and caves after the advent of the part two update.
  • The meadow is a trustworthy and guaranteed location where you can get at least one beehive. Once you are done getting the accurate location now begin the taming process and make them breed. Here you need a flower as the players are suggested to feed them a flower to get admired results.  
  • After the feeding process, they will enter loving-making mode and produce multiple baby bees. These baby bees will grow faster and become mature enough to understand the entire concept of their work.
  • However, players should know that taming bees in the game is completely different from the real-life process as you shouldn’t combine them.

The new items and blocks

The Minecraft developers provide timely updates to maintain thrill and excitement in the game. With every update, there might be a new variety of items with multiple effects introduced like:

  • Honey blocks: the players are allowed to craft 4 bottles of honey effortlessly. But there’s no need to carry the Redstone signals. The top block of honey will be moved with the help of the piston easily and it can push and pull the adjacent blocks at least 12 times. But the glazed and slime terracotta blocks are the exception in such a situation. The best thing about the honey block is it is going to slow down the movement speed and prevents jumping. Such traits will affect the transfers via daylight detectors, bottom-half slabs, carpets, and more. Falling onto the honey block can reduce the fall damage by up to 80%. However, players can’t place pressure pads or ladders on these blocks.
  • Honey bottle: the honey bottle is craftable into sugar or players can drink it as it removes the poisonous effects. 

How to keep bees in Minecraft?

The Minecraft bees are the mob that is introduced in the 1.15 update. The harmless creatures can be seen roaming around and they are extremely helpful for players.

But in order to keep them perfect where are certain methods you need to know?

  • Travel and look around: in order to get Minecraft bees you need to travel to a listed location and for their nest while hanging around. 
  • Grab flowers: these bees usually fly around the flowers for 30 seconds and get the pollens and fly back to their homes. So grabbing a flower in your hand can help you to attract and tame it. 
  • The campfire: if you accidentally provoke the bees or for some reason, they are attacking you then craft 3 campfire sticks. Besides that one piece of charcoal is also needed along with 3 logs. 
  • Led the bees: the players can lead bees to an admired location with the help of flowers or use one slimeball and a piece of string. But you should avoid moving too fast as it can break the lead and get at least two bees so that you can breed and watch the baby bees moving around you.


The Minecraft Bees come with numerous entertaining aspects for gamers. But in order to get profitable outcomes from it the players should go through the listed details.

With this they can get favorable outmodes and obtain game benefits without third-party assistance.

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