How To Get Armor Trims Minecraft In 2023?

According to recent reports, the latest Minecraft 1.20 is available with armor trims. Now you probably wonder how to get armor trims Minecraft. Before that, you must know what armor trims is and how it is helpful for player.

The armor is an essential part of the game as it eliminates the possibility of getting damaged. The armor is there to protect you in the previous version of the game but now it is modified and fashionable too. 

On top of that, users can use armor trims that are a specific pattern that allows them to conveniently customize armor.

However, players can add flair and show off their travels which makes such a game more fun and exciting. Without any further delays let’s unravel more about armor trims below. 

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What is “armor trim” in Minecraft 1.20?

In simple words, the armor trims are a specific type of smithing template that allows players to enjoy new features.

But you can access the updated features in Minecraft 1.20 update. In this version the software developers allow players to customize or decorate their armor. 

Here player uses different colors, patterns, and more stuff to make it more attractive. Moreover, according to experts, there are 11 different types of armor trims available. It allows gamers to use around 10 color options. 

The changes in templates allow your armor to appear attractive but it isn’t going to impact its strength of it.

Still, it is one of the most requested features that game developers have introduced for the convenience of players.

At the following points, we have enlisted some locations and armor trims in the game to help you to know how to get armor trims Minecraft

Location and name of armor trims: 

A lot of newbies are stuck with the same armor and patterns. But thanks to game developers for creating Minecraft 1.20 which allows us to easily decorate them without any hassle.

If you want to know how to get armor trims in Minecraft then consider the points listed below. 

  • Coast armor trim: shipwreck 
  • Vex armor trim: woodland mansion 
  • Tide armor trim: ocean monument 
  • Rib armor trim: nether fortress 
  • Eye armor trim: stronghold
  • Snout armor trim: bastion remnant
  • Dune armor trim: desert pyramid 

How to get armor trims Minecraft? 

It is easy to use armor trims in Minecraft by creating a craft on a crafting table with a selective smithing template.

On top of that, you should use minerals or ore that give them color. If you are a beginner then consider the steps listed below. 

  • Collect the essential materials along with the smithing template. 
  • Select the gear you want to upgrade after that add the smithing template to the first slot. Now place your armor in the second slot and a specific mineral or Ore in the third slot. After that, a trim will be added to the slot available on the right side and you can see the preview of the upgrade you want to perform.
  • Once you are done with all this then move on to the next step. Press the right side slot to trim and bingo! You are good to go. This step helps you to get perks associated with trim. It will get attached to the gear now the update is done. 

If you understand the concept and usage of how to get armor trims Minecraft then you can easily customize it.

Create an armor that matches the style and appearance of the selected character. The best thing is Minecraft is available for Andriod, PC, Xbox One, Xbox series X I S, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Unheard facts about Minecraft: 

  • Minecraft is a globally accepted game with over 120 million active users. On top of that, due to higher demand, the game developers took a great step and introduced Minecraft 1.20. It is a bit more advanced version of the game that allows you to get additional features. 
  • Here you can use the armor trims that offer the convenience of personalizing armor. Therefore, you can use multiple patterns and colors to match the character’s appearance. 
  • But some armor trims reflect the place where you have found the template. Feel free to craft them on the smithing table and dye them and add gems like copper, diamonds, and more. 
  • According to game experts, people can try the trims by considering Java Snapshot. The developers are working on the BedRock betas and soon such facilities will be introduced there as well. If you are unfamiliar or new to snapshots, and previews of betas then we would suggest you learn and explore more about the game. With this, you will gain adequate knowledge and information that positively impacts the gaming experience. 

How to use or get “smithing Templates?

Before we begin you must know that the smithing templates are found in the chests of the respective structure besides the ocean monument.

The pro gamers suggest we find it in the elder guardians instead of looking for chests. 

There are some smithing templates available that are rare than a diamond. It shows that luck is playing a major role there. These trims are available in two properties like material and pattern. 

The pattern is mainly preferred to use and apply to trim whereas the material one is pretty different.

The material is stated as the ingredient that is used to apply the armor trim and shows its color of it.

There are certain ingredients considered that are used to define the color of armor trim like: 

  • Diamond 
  • Netherite 
  • Lapis 
  • Gold 
  • Copper 
  • Iron 
  • Emerald 
  • Redstone 
  • Quartz 
  • Amethyst 

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Pro tip: 

When you are crafting there’s no catch involved. However, the armor can’t have the same material that is used to make the trim.

The players who prefer Minecraft 1.20 are capable of using such features and more.

According to recent reports, the game developers are going to make some new cosmetic changes to enhance game functioning.

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