How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft And Its Uses In 2023?

While the blocky Minecraft insects were often regarded as charming, they are an enormously crucial aspect of the virtual ecology, much like their real-life counterparts. Honeycomb, which is an essential component of a range of craftable things, is produced by bees.

Honeycomb, on the other hand, is a difficult and sometimes deadly mineral to obtain in Minecraft. Here’s where to look for Honeycomb, How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft, and what you can do with it.

Honeycomb is a versatile little crafting item in Minecraft, and if you know anything about nature, you’ll know that bees are involved in its manufacture, so be cautious while getting it unless you want to risk a sting and the sickness that comes with it!

There are certain ways to obtain this delicious treat in Minecraft, and if you grasp them, you’ll be able to construct helpful products like candles and keep copper from oxidizing.

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How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft?

You may collect a Minecraft honeycomb by sharing it with a pair of shears from a bee nest or beehive once it reaches honey level 5.

It will really drop triple honeycombs but will infuriate any bees in the area, leading them to attack you. To avoid this, light a fire beneath the beehive or nest since the smoke will calm the bees and they will not attack you.

There is another method how to get honeycomb in Minecraft without provoking the fury of the bees with a little effort.

If you’re using a spinner to fly a pair of scissors at a bee nest, the honeycomb will drop to the ground, but still, the bees will not attack.

In Minecraft, How To Find / Locate Bees?

Honeycomb is first obtained through Beehives, which is the aforementioned “tough” stage of the procedure. Beehives are extremely rare and can only be found in a few Biomes, mainly those with Oak and Birch trees. As well here we know how to get honeycomb in Minecraft bedrock.

Each Biome that fits the bill is listed below, along with the probability of a Beehive spawning on either tree.

  • Any Other Variety of Forest- 0.2%
  • Flower Forest- 2%
  • Plains- 5%

To increase the odds of discovering a viable Beehive, it must be at Level 5, which indicates it has been visited by Bees several times. In Minecraft, here’s a photo of a Beehive that’s ready to be harvested.

Honey particles will flow from the bottom of a Beehive that is ready to be harvested. The golden liquid will also significantly fill some textures on the block. As well here you will get the answer for how to get honeycomb in Minecraft bedrock.

Bees can spawn naturally in:

  • Wooded hills
  • Birch forest
  • Plains
  • Sunflower plains
  • Birch forest hills
  • Tall birch hills
  • Flower forest
  • Forest
  • Tall birch forest  

Bees swarm near beehives and nests. If you see a bee in the wild, keep a safe distance from it and follow it home.

You can spawn bees with a Bee Spawn Egg if you’re playing in Creative mode. Bees don’t come out at night or when it’s raining.

In Minecraft, The Benefits Of Bees

To create honey, bees transport pollen from blossoms to hives. A beehive may also help you develop new blooms by spreading pollen, so it’s a good investment if you’re attempting to start a garden.

Prepare to get stung by adjacent bees if you assault a bee, hive, or nest. Bees die after a single bite and leave no spoils, but the venom causes the poisoning effect.

Place a bonfire near the hive before approaching it to keep the bees calm and prevent being stung.

In Minecraft, What Do You Do With Honeycomb?

Honeycomb may be gathered with shears from bee nests and hives (artificial replicas of nests you can create), yielding one to three fragments of honeycomb.

Harvesting from beehives, on the other hand, will make the buzzy residents hostile. Build a lighted bonfire beneath the hive to counteract this, but be cautious not to burn them. Note that if you get stung, you will die 20 seconds later, something no one desires.

Honeycomb may be used for two purposes in Minecraft: you can construct Honeycomb Blocks by joining four pieces of honeycomb, and you can make beehives. Their vibrant style will make any house stand out.

In Minecraft, How Do You Create A Beehive?

To make a beehive, you’ll need three pieces of honeycomb and six Wooden Planks. However, you’ll need to invite some bees to their new home, which you may accomplish by attracting them with a flower or just leashing them and bringing them with you.

We hope you choose the more compassionate option. You may also get bees to reproduce by offering them a flower, which is cute.

How To Get Honeycombs In Minecraft Without Aggravating Bees?

Honeycomb may be gathered via bee nests & bees in Minecraft by laying a smoking wildfire beneath the sweet block before harvesting it. This will keep the bees from harming the player’s sore eyes.

Smoke must be passing through the top of the nest or hive for this approach to operate, though if this is the case, the player is free to pick their honeycomb using a pair of shears on the block.

Honeycomb can only be collected with shears from full hives, and the hive must have honey pouring from it for the honeycomb to fall. You may even get honey by resting a glass on a blooming bee nest or bee.

What Is Honeycomb Used For?

Honeycomb is mostly used in Minecraft to make beehives, which are man-made versions of bee nests.

  • Waxing a block of copper prevents it from oxidizing. This results in Waxed Copper.
  • To keep their pet bees, players can build a Beehive.
  • Honeycombs may also be used to make candles.
  • Block of Honeycomb

These hives are far more accessible than real bee nests, and they seem cleaner and more beautiful. Beehives may be created out of wood and honeycomb.

A player must use a silk touch tool to gather bee nests in their survival inventory, which might take a long time to complete—especially early in the game.

Honeycomb is also used to make beautiful honeycomb blocks, which are ideal for use as decorations in bee or honey farms. Honeycomb will also be utilized to make waxed copper blocks in the future 1.17 release.

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Tips For Harvest Honeycomb –

  • Players may be tempted to shatter a Beehive if it has achieved the required level, as this is the standard way for extracting a block’s specialized resource.
  • Simply shattering the Beehive, on the other hand, will result in angry Bees attacking the player.
  • Players must instead utilize Shears to guarantee that the Beehive produces three Honeycombs. This will still enrage the Bees, causing them to attack the player.
  • To prevent this, start a bonfire or set fire to the block beneath the Beehive. This will keep the Minecraft monsters from leaving the hive.
  • Alternatively, and maybe more effectively, a player can shatter the block using an Axe enchanted with Silk Touch, which preserves the block after it is broken.
  • The Bees will be maintained within, with the proper harvesting level, allowing it to be relocated closer to a player’s base.
  • Bees will continue to pollinate the hive, eliminating the need for players to go on a quest to get a Beehive.


Do we hope this guide will help you to know how to get honeycomb in Minecraft?

Minecraft bees are adorable tiny insects that produce honey, pollinate flowers, and have the greatest knees on the planet. Although these small critters were too frightening for Nicolas Cage, they play a crucial function in your Minecraft environment.

You’ll want to learn how to create beehives and get your hands on Minecraft honeycomb if you want to take advantage of the amazing job these tiny animals accomplish.

Without a good sprinkling of Minecraft honey, no blocky breakfast is complete, and I can tell you’re excited to learn more about the subject.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

How do you get a honeycomb from a hive in Minecraft?

The honeycomb will only be retrieved with shear from entire combs, and the hive must be filled with enough honey for the honeycomb to tumble. Place a vase on a full bee nest or hive to go get honey.

How do you make a bee nest in Minecraft?

Wood planks and honeycomb may be used to make your own Minecraft beehive. Place three wood planks of any color in the top three and bottom three slots of the crafting grid, then three honeycombs from bee nests in the center row. That’s a Minecraft beehive for you.

How do you make honeycomb?

So, let’s get this party started!
· Locate a Bee Hive. You must first locate a bee nest in your Minecraft environment.
· Keep your shears in your hands. After that, choose your shears from the hot bar and place them in your hand.
· Make use of the shears. The honey level in the bee nest will rise as more bees (carrying pollen) join the nest.
· Honeycomb should be picked up.

How do you ride a bee in Minecraft?

Minecraft bees were added courtesy of the 1.15 update, and already a Modder has made them readable. As Seth Bling explains in the video above, with his data pack you can craft saddles to place on the bees as well as flowers on sticks to lead them around.

How do you shear honeycomb in Minecraft?

The bees will not become aggressive if there is a lighted campfire or a fire below the nest or hive. To shear the nest without enraging the bees, use a dispenser with shears inside. As a dropped object, the honeycomb appears.

What is tuff Minecraft?

In Minecraft, tuff is usually used for decoration. As a result, you may hang it on the wall and use it for any type of décor project. It’s a decorative rock that may be used in lieu of Stone, Diorite, Andesite, Granite, and Deep slate.

What can you craft with basalt?

Basalt may be used to construct flooring, walkways, pillars, and walls. When a player steps over a basalt block, it makes a distinct sound. As a result, they’re frequently used in Minecraft to make routes.

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