5 Best Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts 2023

Minecraft Dungeons, a famous video game, gathered many fanbases after its release in May 2020. It is a unique and popular game, Minecraft, in which a part of an action and adventure dungeon game has been added.

This allows players to experience exciting adventures in a world filled with monsters, loot, and trap.

When the players progress within the game through the higher level of the games, they will come across various Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts that can help them in their journey.

These various types of artifacts and special items can provide unique abilities, and there are numerous to choose from.

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What are Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts?

These are some powerful items that the players can collect and use to help themselves in the battles against various monsters and enemies in the game.

These artifacts provide different types of abilities to the players, which include dealing damage to the enemies, healing effects to the player, and many more.

These artifacts can easily be obtained by completing various levels and objectives of the game and defeating bosses.

Corrupted Beacon

Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

Corrupted Beacon It is an exceptionally powerful soul-gathering artifact whose damage is insane.

That means it helps you deal the ultimate damage and can destroy every enemy with high-powered continuous beam shooting.

You can use this unique ability until the enemy run out of the soul. You can also get multiple targets at once and thus lead this to use in a large group of enemies.

Red stone mines, Cacti Canyon and Pumpkin Pastures are the common drop place of this artifact.

Also, its cool-down time is null. So you can upgrade it. Gale Sanctum is the DLC location of Corrupted Beacon.


  • You can heighten this artifact for more damage.
  • Also, you can use this Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts in 40 blocks.

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Golem Kit

Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

Golem Kit is a durable and distinctive artifact that typically helps you summon an Iron Golem kit. That means you can use both the golem kit and an iron golem kit during the fight.

Therefore, you can use this summoning for a longer period and do not have limited time.

So, the Golem kit can support the entire fight if the health is empty. You can also use these Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts for massive destruction and damage.

This mountain climbing worth artifact is considered one of the best artifacts in this game. If you are on your way to completing the Pumpkin Pastures, you can find this drop,


  • With the help of Golem Kit, you can distract enemies and allow players to play from a safe distance.
  • After the death of the Iron Golem Kit, it gets a 30-second cooldown time.

Totem Of Shielding

Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

This protective shield with the light shelter comes in handy for players and their associated units from projectiles.

However, you can not block the moving mobs physically. Also, the player’s range attack can pass over through the light.

Totem of Shielding the early stage artifacts is useful for holding onto the massive group of skeletons, zombies, mobs, and others.

You will get 20 seconds of cool down time upon using. Therefore, this supreme defensive artifact can be acquired from Desert Temple, Lone Fortress, Cacti Canyon, and Underhalls.


  • Upgrading the power level of this Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts affects the staying duration of the battlefield.
  • You can also utilize this artifact to absorb damage while reviving some playmates.

Love Medallion

Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

This Minecraft Dungeons artifact is a spell that can control your mind. That means this gold diamond-shaped amulet has the capacity to allure the air with an incomparable fragrance that can muddle hostile mobs’ minds.

Love Medallion can turn up to 3 mobs into temporary allies for 10 seconds, and those will follow the lead player.

During this buff effect, mobs will fight hostile mobs to provide a damage boost; however, with timers time out, these will go straight to elimination.

It can be found in Panda Plateau, Highblockhalls, Underhalls, or Arch Heavens.


  • With the help of the mob’s damage, you can boost the power level.
  • The cool-down period is 30 seconds after the effect has vanished.

Death Cap Mushroom

Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts

Another compelling artifact, Death Cap Mushroom, could be an odd and wried choice for some people; however, it has two great purposes.

One is to increase the attack speed, and the second is to boost the movement speed for many seconds.

That being said, it can drastically uplift your stat. So, this is the absolute choice if you need to manipulate and pull the strings quickly.

Its ability to allow smooth repositioning in a sticky situation benefits players. You can obtain this artifact from the beginner level, Creeper Woods. Moreover, it can also be found in Highblock Halls.


  • You can utilize this artifact for larger enemies.
  • If you combine Death Cap Mushroom with other artifacts, such as Corrupted Beacon and Shock Powder, you can take down terrifying and formidable enemies,
  • It also releases a poisonous gas cloud to get better damage for the enemies.

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Thus we have seen some of the most useful Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts available in the game and the advantages they provide.

You can use these artifacts in very challenging situations by taking control. So, mastering these artifacts makes you tough to defeat, and you will become unbeatable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the strongest artifact in Minecraft Dungeon?

Corrupted Beacon

Which one is the rarest artifact in Minecraft Dungeon?

Curious or Ender armor

Can I use artifacts in a multiplayer game?

Yes, you can.

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