A Complete Guide To Minecraft Zombie 2023

One of the most horrific yet interesting concepts of Minecraft is Minecraft zombie.  

These zombies are inspired by multiple movie concepts as the advent of such creatures makes the game more interesting and worth trying. 

On top of that, these are different creatures as they can smash any turtle egg in the game that they find on the beach.

Besides that, there are numerous types of zombies released in Minecraft. They will begin moving toward the turtle eggs or normal villages to attack.

However, they can smash the eggs whereas infect the normal villagers and turn them into a zombie. The best thing is game developers have also introduced interesting yet fun ways to eliminate them.

Have a closer look at the points listed below to gain sufficient information regarding it.

A comprehensive guide: minecraft zombie

But before anything else, you should know about Minecraft zombie villager and other concepts related to it.

On top of that, there are mods available that can enhance your gaming experience while adding multiple features including zombies.

So let’s not waste further time and head towards the forthcoming points to get adequate information about it.

Minecraft Zombie Pigman: how to deal with it? 

Minecraft zombie

If you are a beginner then you should know the Minecraft zombie pigman is quite dangerous. But they are harmful when they are provoked due to their natural traits.

However, players need to know that attacking a solo zombie pigman can provoke the entire group.

It ensures that killing them will be tough that is something intense which gives us paramount reasons to opt for it.

But there’s nothing to be worried about as there are certain ways you can defeat them which might require adequate skills.

  • Due to their provoking nature, they are ready to attack so if you got attacked by the whole group then walk. According to game experts, it will be great to walk backward and then attack the nearest pigman one by one.
  • Moreover, you can use the massive knockback of the attack technique along with sprint. With this, you can easily manage the whole group and the retreat will be easier.
  • If you are walking backward while facing a zombie pigman then you should also be aware of the dangerous hazards nearby.
  • These types of zombies can become aggressive if the player is standing in their range. If you are running into more dangerous situations then be careful of your surroundings to avoid facing the worst-case scenario.

Finally, these are the easier and more accessible ways to deal with zombie Pigman in Minecraft. Therefore, players can also consider the Diary of a Minecraft zombie to gain expertise faster than expected.

The Minecraft zombie apocalypse mod:

Minecraft zombie

No doubt that the zombie mode in Minecraft is thrilling and exciting. But players should be careful while exploring their Minecraft world.

These creatures can spawn anywhere and attack randomly. These traits make this game more fun and worth playing with friends.

Moreover, there are different types of Minecraft zombie apocalypse mod that have introduced numerous zombies.

No matter if you want to play challenging matches or smooth games they can add an extra level of excitement. Let’s have a look at the following points to unravel more about it.


According to game pros, the DayZ is considered the finest mode in-game. It can offer a lot of challenging in-game experiences.

Moreover, one of the significant benefits of this mod is the transition of the game.

The DayZ can easily transform the game and you can encounter various types of zombies that you are unable to experience elsewhere.

The experts are continuously working on it and it is entirely evolving as the game creators are adding new content timely.

It ensures that the game is going to improve and ensures unlimited entertainment for Minecraft lovers.

The crafting dead: 

Here comes one of the most popular zombie mods that are available for Minecraft lovers. Minecraft users across the globe have stated it as the finest mod available due to its authentic gameplay and impressive features.

It is a mod that centers around gamers and provides a sense of security. It can help them to survive in the zombie modes.

Besides that, you can get a variety of advanced features that allows gamers to create their own items along with armor and learn How to draw a Minecraft zombie.

Last Day on Earth: survival

There’s an assortment of zombie mods available but nothing can compete with the last day on earth: survival.

It is the best one so far that completely changes the game. On top of that, it gives a true survival experience which is one of the main reasons to prefer the Minecraft zombie apocalypse map.

 Besides that, players need to scavenge food supplies and others to build up their base.

The Minecraft zombie apocalypse mod also known as last day on Earth: Survival is an intense yet incredibly challenging mod that gives the real chills.

Ways to cure a zombie villager:

Minecraft zombie

The Minecraft zombie villager cure is an easier process but before that, there are a couple of items you need. Mainly you should have a splash potion of weakness to deduct the strength of a zombie villager.

On top of that, you need to get a golden apple from your inventory that will change everything. Here are the easier ways to cure a zombie villager:

  • Initially, you need to splash the potion of weakness on it.
  • After that, throw a golden apple to feed them as you can do it by approaching it by pressing the “use” button.
  • Once you are done with it then you will notice the grey swirls will change color. It will turn red and start shaking and notice a Minecraft zombie sound.
  • Now you need to wait for a few moments and watch a zombie villager turning into a normal one.

A brief explanation of how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft?

Every Minecraft lover should know about the vital aspects of the game. Here they are enabled to get an authentic and remarkable gaming experience with a never-ending thrill.

Moreover, the zombie villagers in a game can be cured but there are specific aspects every gamer should know.

Want to know what are those aspects? And how to cure a zombie villager? Read out the following details.

Vital materials needed: 

  • The zombie villager 
  • A golden apple 
  • A splash potion of weakness. 

Steps to cure a zombie villager: –

Use a splash potion:

Professional gamers suggest newbies use a splash potion of weakness first. It can easily reduce the attack and overall strength of the zombie.

On top of that, they are unable to attack you which indicates it is the perfect time to move on to the next step.

(Pro tip): there’s a wooden roof placed over a zombie villager so that they will not be able to fire in the daylight.

After that, you need to splash the potion onto the zombie and then wait for a while. Before that, you must know that Minecraft is available in different versions i.e. Java Edition, Nintendo Switch, and more.

So prefer controls according and try not to miss this incredibly valuable opportunity.

Use the golden apple: 

Once you are done reducing the strength of the zombie villager then you need to opt for golden apple in the hotbar.

However, you need to make sure to select the perfect one as there are 2 different apples available that work differently.

You need to use the golden apple that is quite yellow in shade and doesn’t have a purple glow. Now you will notice the grey particles around the zombie villager are slowly turning red which is a sign of progress.

It ensures that the villager is being cured and this process can take multiple minutes to get completed.

Players should know that this process can take around 4 minutes or so to turn the zombie villager into a normal village resident.

The work table: 

After completing the mentioned steps you need to select the profession for a villager as they need to get back to work.

So you need to place a work table next to them and select the profession of an armorer. Now you are enabled to get the trades at discounted prices.

You are getting these discounts because the cured villagers appreciate your efforts to cure them. After that, you can easily let them start working again and help them to find a profession to earn daily bread in-game.

Professional Minecraft players know the fact that transporting cured villagers can be a hassle. So you need to wait for the Minecraft zombie spawners and then begin the healing process.

It will be more practical and effective that help you to create your own villages as well.

The closure 

The Minecraft zombie is entertaining and thrilling which can be considered as the reason behind the global attention of the game.

There are a lot of different zombie variety is present and players can deal with the ones according to their mod preference.

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