Process Of Making Conduit In Minecraft In 2023

Minecraft is a game that was released a long time ago probably in the years around 2010 or 2011. We will share the process of making conduits in Minecraft in this article.

The game never reached its full potential because of a lot of other games that were making entries into the gaming industry. That time was the evolution of games in terms of high-end graphics and amazing stunts. 

So when a game like Minecraft came out no one did care much about it. As they lacked realism and also story games were more of a popular thing during that time. 

But when it did reach the hype it deserved which is a couple of years back. It went on to break records left and right and now it is one of the highest-streamed games today. 

Here in this article, we are going to talk about how you can create a conduit which is one of the many interesting elements in the game.

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What is a Conduit?

The better thing to do for us is to make everyone clear about what is meant by the conduit in the virtual world of the game. So in the game, there are many kinds of blocks of different elements found. 

A conduit is one such block that has a shape of a beacon. It attacks the opponent underwater. So it can be used as a trap for attacks that are planned to take place underwater

A conduit is very rare for a player to find in the game and these blocks can be stacked by a player a maximum of 64. This block is nonflammable and also does not catch fire from the lava. This is not transparent as well.

How to make a conduit?

This is the segment where the process of creating a conduit will be mentioned step by step. Here are the steps:

  • Obtaining the block

The first thing you have to do is search for a conduit and then break that block of conduit. Once the block of the conduit is broken it pops up as an item that you can collect. The best weapon to break a conduit block is a pickaxe which is of a diamond. It will take a total of 0.2 seconds to break the conduit then.

  • Crafting of the item

The next step for building a conduit is crafting the item that you have collected. The materials that you need to craft a conduit are some nautilus shell blocks and a block of the heart of the sea along with this material. 

These are the two most important steps that will help you create a conduit in Minecraft. Now let us make it clear how we can use the conduit.

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Usage of the crafted conduit

You can use the crafted conduit for purpose of your advantage and also to weaken your enemy. 

The conduit has a range and if you are inside that range then you will be having infinite lung capacity inside the water and also be granted night vision underwater. 

Whereas the conduit will deal damage to the enemy that is in the range of the conduit.


Hope we were able to make you clear about your conception of conduit and how you can make and use one in the game.

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