Smoker Minecraft And Its Powerful Creations In 2023

The players get to extract raw materials upon discovering them in the Minecraft game. If you are struggling to get this game on mobile just download the Minecraft APK now.

Based on the mode of the game, the players can fight or cooperate as per the situation. The game also includes a survival mode where the players get to acquire resources to maintain health and build a world. This is where the smoker Minecraft comes to play.

The smoker is indeed a very important item for your inventory in the game Minecraft. This smoker is used by numerous players to cook the food items within the game, which is similar to that of a furnace.

However, the process gets faster with the smoker at hand by two times!

What is Minecraft?

Mojang developed this 3D sandbox video game called Minecraft. This game has been created by Markus “Notch” Persson in a computer programming language called Java.

After several private testing versions in the early days, Minecraft was made public first in May 2009 before it got completely released in November 2011 when Jens Bergensten took over the development.

In the later years, Minecraft has been ported to numerous other platforms and has become the best-selling video game eventually.

What Are The Materials To Make A Smoker In Minecraft?

This 3D sandbox game has got no particular goals that have to be accomplished. This in turn rewards the players with a huge amount of freedom to choose how to play this game.

The world in this game is composed of 3D objects has got mainly cubes and fluids which are commonly referred to as “blocks”.

There are numerous blocks as such needed for the perfect smoker recipe in Minecraft. These blocks represent innumerable materials like tree trunks, water, dirt, stone, ores, and lava.

Of these materials or blocks in Minecraft, these are the following materials you can use to craft a smoker Minecraft :

  • One Furnace
  • Four Acacia Logs
  • Four Dark Oak Logs
  • Four Stripped Oak Wood
  • Four Oak Logs
  • Four Spruce Logs
  • Four-Stripped Acacia Wood
  • Four Stripped Dark Oak Wood
  • Four Oak Wood with Bark
  • Four Spruce Wood with Bark
  • Four Birch Logs
  • Four Jungle Logs
  • Four-Stripped Spruce Wood
  • Four Stripped Birch Wood
  • Four Stripped Jungle Wood
  • Four Birch Wood with Bark
  • Four Jungle Wood with Bark
  • Four Acacia Wood with Bark
  • Four Dark Oak Wood with Bark

While in the world of Minecraft, once you lay your hands on these blocks, you are all set to know how to make a smoker in Minecraft.

How To Craft A Smoker?

After the player understands this 3D game and comes to know about the smoker recipe in Minecraft, that is when the player is ready to understand how to craft a smoker in Minecraft.

To craft a smoker, the player has to place 1 furnace right in the center and place 4 wood logs or place stripped logs around the furnace in the provided 3×3 crafting grid. The player might use any type of wood.

Here is a step-by-step guide that the player would need to follow to make a smoker Minecraft :

  • The first block that the player needs to craft this smoker would be a crafting table. The first step to be taken to make this crafting table is by converting three of the logs that have been recently acquired into wooden planks. You must make sure that four logs are kept for making the smoker block in some time.
  • To make the wooden planks you simply need to place the logs that had been previously collected in one of the slots present within the crafting table of the survival inventory.
  • After these logs have been converted successfully into wooden planks, the player can make progress in making the crafting table.
  • It is after this step that you will require the crafting table to make one of the simplest types of pickaxes so that you might collect the first pieces of your cobblestone. The first step towards crafting the pickaxe is making sticks for developing the handle. You might use the crafting table in the survival inventory or the crafting table that you had previously created to make the sticks.
  • To make the sticks, the player needs to place two blocks of wooden planks on top of each other. This can be placed either on the right or the left side of the square.
  • After completing this step, the players need to make a pickaxe which can be crafted by interactions with the crafting table. The player has to place the crafting table, on top of the crafting GUI, two sticks under a middle plank.
  • Now that you are ready to craft a furnace, you need to make sure that you have collected a minimum of eight pieces of cobblestone before you open the crafting table menu.
  • Now the player has to place eight pieces of cobblestone right around the perimeter of the crafting GUI on the outside. However, you should leave a blank space right in the middle square.

Once you have successfully made the furnace, you can make the smoker Minecraft with your remaining materials and understand what a smoker does in Minecraft.

You are now ready to place your new smoker down and cook any choice of food items that you have earlier collected.

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How To Use A Smoker In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, when you right-click on the smoker just in the way you enter the crafting table, you can bring to yourself the smoker’s GUI. This is when you essentially start using the smoker Minecraft by following the few steps mentioned below:

  • On opening the GUI, the player has to fill up the space on the top left-most side of the smoker completely with the raw food items. This will allow it to be cooked once the fuel is added.
  • After this, in the space which is available below your desired block of item or food, you have to put your fuel which can be a bucket of lava, coal, or anything made up of wood or charcoal.
  • Now would be the time when you wait for the arrow to get filled. This arrow placed in the center of this furnace menu would serve as the indicator that would show you the time being for which the furnace will continue to cook.
  • The bar gets individually filled up for every food item and block that has been placed in the furnace. Once this bar gets filled, it gets reset. That is the time when the food item or block gets ready to be removed from the furnace.

What Is The Difference Between A Minecraft Smoker And A Blast Furnace?

In Minecraft, blast furnaces are most of the most important items that a player can have in their inventory. Just like the furnace, this blast furnace is also used to perform the smelting of multiple items within the game.

However, this does come with the power that can smelt the items twice as fast as the regular furnace. Unfortunately, it is to be noted that the blast furnace can perform the smelting of only ore blocks, tools, and armors that come along with either chainmail or gold.

The players usually get particularly interested in how to craft the Minecraft smoker and blast furnace. While we have already discussed the smoker Minecraft recipe, it is to be understood that crafting the blast furnace is very easy as well.

Firstly all you have to do is collect all the necessary materials which would include five iron ingots, three pieces of smooth stone, and one furnace.

On gathering all of these materials, the next step that the player has to take is opening the crafting menu following which the crafting area has to be filled with all these collected items.

This is when the player’s blast furnace must appear in a box to the right. This is when it gets ready to be finally shifted to the inventory.

While we discuss the differences between the Minecraft smoker and blast furnace, might as well keep in mind that it is very different from a Minecraft smoker vs a furnace.  

A blast furnace typically smelts items in this game twice as fast as the regular one. However, the items that can be used in this are pretty much limited.

Looking at the other side, the players use a smoker to cook food items within the game just like the furnace. Well, the smoker does cook the food twice as fast as that in the furnace.

So it is to be duly noted that while the blast furnace and the smoker are both essentially furnaces, they are both used for different purposes. While one helps in cooking ores or smelting ores, the other is used for cooking meat.


Smoker Minecraft is a very important and essential term in the game of Minecraft. This is used in cooking the food and making the game more interesting. Actually, Minecraft is popular because of this kind of term.

Minecraft users love to play the game because they enjoy these kinds of tools and make special and unique things in Minecraft. We hope you enjoy this article, if yes then please share it on social media platforms.

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