Ways To Make Weaponsmith Minecraft Blocks In 2023

The Weaponsmith Minecraft is a different village that gets a chance to spawn in the village. The Minecraft players can trade with the weaponsmith and diamonds; buy iron ingots, iron swords, emeralds, flint, bells, iron axes, and more.

They work at the grindstone and sell multiple items to games. On top of that, players can get discounts and wares.

The weaponsmith is a well-known villager in Minecraft. He doesn’t make any appearance until the iron sword gets broken or if a bell is considered to call them.

If you have successfully unlocked him then you can get a massive range of items without hustling a lot. You can locate them in the blooms of the game. Take a look at the following points to unravel more regarding it.

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Incredible ways to make weaponsmith villager:

Weaponsmith Minecraft

Most of you might be wondering how to make Weaponsmith Minecraft. To make it you need to place grindstone and bed next to each other.

According to professional gamers, you should place stonecutter a little closer to these two blocks.

After that, the villager will begin making axes from the given stone and hand it over to the blacksmith. The blacksmith is going to make further repairs.

You should be extra attentive towards the grindstone and bed as it is not enough to ensure getting admired results.

However, the Weaponsmith Minecraft block can provide expect results but it can vary in certain conditions.

You need to select the workbench and then keep it in an exquisite place. After that, put an unequipped bed within 2 blocks from the table.

The Weaponsmith Minecraft trades: 

When it comes to the Weaponsmith Minecraft trades then players should be aware of specific facts. Once you have created it then you can interact with them in order to complete trades.

On top of that, the lower-level weaponsmiths can begin the process with lower-tier weapons like axes and average swords.

But if your level increases then you can trade things like enchanted diamond swords and more. It is a solid yet easier way for players to get more and more supplies without any hassle.

The Weaponsmith Minecraft villager:

Initially, the players should know that they can easily convert an unemployed Weaponsmith Minecraft villager into somebody more valuable.  

They can transform them into a specific profession by placing corresponding professional blocks around or close to them.

It can turn them into a profession that block is considered for. On top of that, if you specifically want them to get transformed into weaponsmiths then use a grindstone and place it next to the villager to convert them.

Primarily, the players should use a work block that is a grindstone to unveil the ways to know how to get Weaponsmith Minecraft. 

You are required to craft it and place it near them so that they can easily transform and help you out during the game. It is the easier and more accessible way of getting admired supplies.

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A comprehensive guide to building Weaponsmith house in Minecraft:

Weaponsmith Minecraft

The players are required to collect the listed materials to build a Weaponsmith Minecraft house: 

  • Iron bars
  • A lava bucket
  • A furnace
  • Stairs
  • Slabs
  • Fences
  • Some wooden planks
  • 1-2 chests
  • Wooden logs
  • Pressure plates
  • A gold sword
  • Cobblestone blocks

Once you are done assembling these products or materials then you can begin the building process by considering the following steps.


Create a platform in a rectangular shape and fill it in.


Use the logs to create a pillar that is 3 blocks high as it can serve as the support system for the back of the house.


Use 3 walls that are made of wooden planks.


Fill the unfinished structure with the help of cobblestone blocks on the top layer.


Follow the process that is commonly considered for building homes in real life. After building it fill the roof with cobblestone and place the stone slabs in the right place to complete the building process.

Paramount aspects to know about Weaponsmith Minecraft:

Weaponsmith Minecraft

There are a lot of players who think what makes a Weaponsmith Minecraft? Well if you want to transform an ordinary villager into a weaponsmith then you need a worktable or a sharpener and a bed.

On top of that, you need to keep the bed and sharpener free as they shouldn’t be occupied by the others.

However, every player should know that they can get benefits from the weaponsmith if they have completed the process in the required manner.

On top of that, they can get perks from instant trading and get the required things effortlessly. Let’s have a closer look at the following points to gain adequate information regarding it.

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Weaponsmith purchases:

At the initial meeting, the Weaponsmith Minecraft is going to buy a few things. But if you are willing to trade well then the range of purchased items will get expanded.

Therefore, the weaponsmith in the game can buy the listed items:

  • Flint
  • Iron ingot
  • Coal
  • Diamond

Weaponsmith sells: 

We all know that initially, players are unable to get the finest deals from the weaponsmith. But if they trade well then they are going to provide an extensive range of things to choose from.

On top of that, the prices of such items will be different in Minecraft. This is why you should consider the price before making a deal.

The following list contains items that Weaponsmith sells in Minecraft.

  • Bell
  • Enchanted iron sword
  • Iron axe
  • Enchanted diamond sword
  • Enchanted diamond axe

There’s a fact we Minecraft lovers should know players can summon weaponsmiths by considering a command in creative mode.

It is the easier and more accessible way of performing the required steps to get profitable outcomes.

The closure 

Once the player has created Weaponsmith Minecraft then they can interact and trade.

It ensures that gamers can get the required stuff readily available but prioritizing great deals will offer future benefits.

It is an easier and more remarkable way of transforming an unemployed villager into somebody important.

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